Danitalia rental contract

General Terms and Conditions.

1. LEASE – Danitalia ApS with address in Højbjerg (Denmark), CVR 33248873, acts as an intermediary between the home owner or his representative/agent and the tenant, so that the holiday home is rented out through Danitalia ApS under the conditions that Danitalia ApS has agreed with the home owner or his representive/agent. The tenant will use the property exclusively for holiday stays and exclusively for tourist purposes. It is not permitted to convert these homes into offices, production companies or anything else.
Should the tenant be interested in using an accommodation for commercial photography, filming, other courses of any kind apart from tourist purposes, this must be communicated and agreed in writing with Danitalia Aps prior to booking. Such use of the holiday home is only permitted after written confirmation from Danitalia ApS and may involve additional costs for the tenant.
It is not permitted to hold parties, weddings, receptions or other gatherings of people who are not on the rental contract without written consent from Danitalia ApS.
The person responsible for the rental contract must be 18 years old at the time of booking. If it is a group holiday, 21 years of age.

2. LEASE PERIOD – Danitalia rents out homes for holiday use. Therefore, you can book a maximum of 28 days in the same accommodation.

3. PAYMENT – When booking, an advance payment must be made, which is specified in more detail on the confirmation.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the remaining amount must be paid no later than 40 days before the start of the stay, as described in the confirmation. Some villas require final payment no later than 60 days from arrival. Upon payment of the last installment, you will receive voucher with arrival instructions and general information. If the house is booked less than 40/60 days before the arrival date, the entire amount must be paid immediately, unless otherwise agreed.
Any inquiry about an invoice issued to someone other than the person responsible for the booking must occur at the time of booking.
It is the tenant’s responsibility to keep Danitalia Aps informed regarding change in contact details such as email, telephone numbers etc.

4. ARRIVAL TIME AND PROCEDURES – Arrival to the rented property must be as indicated on the arrival instructions (often between 15:00 and 17:00). Some homes use “self-check in”, where you collect the key yourself as indicated in the arrival instructions. In these cases, delays do not have to be announced and late arrival is possible.
At the properties where a person is waiting for you to do a personal check-in, any deviation from the arrival times must be communicated in advance per mail. Delays during the journey must be communicated to the telephone number given with the arrival instructions. If you do not communicate a delay, you may risk that the home will not be opened until the following day. Additional charges may apply for later arrivals.
Please note that the latest arrival time at the properties is set at 23.00 and it is only possible if the home owner accepts and it might require a surcharge. After this hour, the property will not be opened until the following day.
Should a tenant, due to unforeseen problems, have to postpone the arrival time and the home owner is either not available for notification or does not accept the new time, any hotel stay will not be covered by Danitalia Aps.
On arrival, the tenant must show the owner or his representative a personal document and the voucher.
Upon arrival, please make arrangements regarding check out directly with the owner.

5. DEPARTURE TIME AND PROCEDURES – Check out must be at the latest at 10:00 a.m. We recommend that you agree on a departure time already at check-in. Any change in departure time must be agreed directly with the owner no later than 48 hours before departure.

6. SECURITY DEPOSIT – On arrival a security deposit must be paid cash in euro. This will be returned in full, at the time of the departure, unless there are agreed costs to be deducted (cleaning, heat or other) or damages to be compensated. The owner or his representative will not grant entry to the accommodation to a client who does not pay the security deposit. Danitalia declines all liability in the event of any dispute between the client and owner concerning the deposit. It is the client’s responsibility to arrange for the repayment of the deposit. If Danitalia is asked to transfer the money after departure an administration fee of Eu 25 must be paid.

7. NUMBER OF PERSONS AND CHANGES – In Italy for reasons of public security the names and nationalities of persons staying in a holiday accommodation must be communicated to the local authority. Accordingly, the accommodation may not be occupied by more persons than the number specified in the booking confirmation: only the persons whose names appear on the booking form may stay in the property and use the facilities (tennis courts, swimming pool, etc.). Any replacement of persons during the term of the lease is forbidden unless agreed in advance with Danitalia ApS. Should the local authority make an inspection, both landlord and guest will be in trouble if there are discrepancies. Children under 2 years of age do not count towards the total number of persons allowed in a property, but they must in any case be registered when booking.
Breach of this clause will entitle the owner to immediately terminate the lease and obtain the return of the property within 24 hours without the guests having any right for a refund.

8. ORDER, CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE – The accommodation is delivered clean and in order. Any complaints regarding the state of the premises will be entertained only if made in written within 24 hours after arrival. The guests must leave the accommodation in good condition. Before their departure guests must remove rubbish and clean the kitchen/kitchenette. If the accommodation is not returned in the above condition, the owner or his representative are authorized to withhold € 100 of the security deposit paid (or demand that sum if no deposit has been paid) at the time of departure. In most Italian locations there is an obligation to separate waste according to the indications provided by the  local municipality, to which the facilities must conform in order to avoid to fined or be denied refuse collection. The client must follow the directions found in the property for the correct separation of waste, otherwise the owner or his representative reserve the right to withhold from the deposit paid (or directly request if it has not been paid) the amount € 100 as reimbursement.

9. EXTERNAL MAINTENANCE – If necessary the owner or his representative reserve the right to gain access to undertake indispensable maintenance work (tending to the garden, cleaning the swimming pool, checking equipment, etc.).

10. BEHAVIOUR – The guests must conduct themselves in a civil manner and refrain from behaviour, activities, games and the use of equipment that could disturb other guests and/or neighbors. Where requested, guests must also observe the so-called ‘hour of silence’. Adults will be held accountable for the behaviour of children in their charge. 
It is not permitted to camp neither with a tent or a caravan on the property.

11. CANCELLATION – Cancellation of a booking, even though replaced by another, entails payment of the following penalties to DANITALIA. Standard cancellation policy:
up to 57 days prior to the commencement of the lease, 30% of the total rental amount;
between 56 and 43 days prior to the commencement of the lease, 50% of the total rental amount;
between 42 and 0 days prior to the commencement of the lease, 100% of the totalrental amount.

Some properties may have different cancellation rules.
If the tenant, for any reason, does not take over the rented accommodation as indicated in the contract or if the tenant chooses to leave the rented accommodation before the stipulated date, the tenant has no right to compensation. We strongly recommend comprehensive travel insurance.

12. CHANGE OF BOOKING – Changes of bookings already made that entail a change to the period of the stay and/or the accommodation will be treated as cancellations and governed by the rules on cancellations in the preceding clause hereof. Accordingly, such changes shall require a new booking. The guests are advised to take out appropriate insurance to guard against the adverse consequences of cancellation.

13. LIABILITY/COMPLAINTS – All properties are personally checked by Danitalia employees. The information/descriptions submitted are given in good faith. Danitalia ApS cannot be held responsible for any changes made by the owner and not notified.
It is the tenant’s own responsibility to inform Danitalia ApS and seek advice regarding any aspects such as walking difficulties, severe allergies, disabilities that may be important for choosing the home.
Should serious problems arise, the tenant is asked to contact Danitalia immediately. The tenant must give Danitalia ApS the necessary time to try to solve the problem. Any complaints are only accepted in writing after the problem has arisen. Tenants who, by their own decision and without a request from Danitalia, leave the accommodation, have no right to a discount or refund.
Neither the owner nor Danitalia ApS accepts complaints made after the end of the stay, and the tenant has no right to compensation.
Should the booked and confirmed accommodation not be available due to force majeure, Danitalia ApS will do its best to relocate the tenant to another, similar accommodation. If this is not possible, the full amount will be refunded without further compensation. If the tenant accepts Danitalia’s offer of a replacement home, the right to reimbursement is waived. Any refund will be made to the same payment method/account from which the booking was paid.
Danitalia cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond its control such as strikes, floods, fire, epidemics, wars, terrorist acts, natural disasters, interference on the part of local authorities, shortages of services supplied by local public authorities (for example, interruptions in the supply of water, electricity or other forms of energy). In the event of failure of pumps or filters in swimming pools or air conditioning and internet in the homes, Danitalia ApS will do its best in cooperation with the owner to solve the problem but cannot be held responsible.

Internet: please note that not all places have an internet connection and in some cases also the different types of connection available (cable, radio, cellular data network) may be of poor quality. Danitalia ApS indicates in the descriptions if an accommodation has a connection without specifying its characteristics and without verifying actual performance. Clients with special connection requirements (minimum bandwidth required, simultaneous connection of multiple devices, etc.) must inform Danitalia ApS of these needs before choosing the property so that the latter can verify the connection type/system with the owner. Danitalia ApS cannot be held responsible in the event of the malfunction of the internet and the connected devices/network.

14. INSURANCE – The contracts between Danitalia and the owner of the property specifically require the latter to take out public liability insurance in respect of the accommodation. Danitalia declines all liability in the case of accident, injury, death or harm of various types suffered by persons or things during the stay. The holidaymaker should take out suitable insurance before checking in to a rented property.

15. ELECTRICITY AND HEATING – We point out that Italy is one of the few countries in the world where the government has introduced a system to keep electricity consumption down. This means that you must be careful not to switch on several electricity-consuming elements at the same time, otherwise the power will switch off.
We ask you to help keep electricity consumption down by turning off unnecessary lights both outside and indoors, and by using the aircondition in a climate-friendly way.
The legislation in Italy regarding heating, regulates the date from which radiators in the propertiescan be switched on and it varies from municipality to municipality. This is not the owners decision.
The matters addressed in this clause may not be the subject of complaints.

16. Charging of electric cars – It is only permitted to charge any electric cars at the rented property, if there is a charging stand intended for the purpose. In this case, the electricity consumption is paid directly on the spot according to current prices. It is strictly forbidden to charge electric cars in other sockets on the property. This can damage the electrical installation and provoke a fire. If the tenant does not comply with this section, an additional payment may occur and should damage occur to the electrical installation during a tenant’s stay, the tenant will be held responsible.

17. ANIMALS AND INSECTS – Given that the majority of the facilities that we propose are located in the countryside, the presence of insects is normal and not a sign of shortcomings in cleanliness or hygiene. The presence of domestic animals belonging to the owners is duly included in the description of the accommodation while the presence of stray animals is not something that can be foreseen by Danitalia, and hence it accepts no responsibility therefore. Animals are not generally accepted by the majority of owners. If you wish to bring one with you, please check with Danitalia before booking a property if animals are allowed.

18. ROADS – Many of the holiday homes provided by Danitalia are located in the countryside and the access road may be gravel, narrow and/or steep. Should there be a gravel roads then it will be maintained by the owners, but weather conditions may make them uneven. None of the conditions referred to in this paragraph can be accepted as grounds for complaints. The tenant is asked to contact Danitalia before booking, if it is planned to arrive in a minibus/van or in very low cars, to assess the access conditions.

19. EQUIPMENT – The equipment that the accommodation comes with (umbrellas, tables, chairs, cutlery, etc.) must be returned at the end of the day to its original location (outside umbrellas must be closed). Window shutters should be closed when guests are not present as sudden gusts of wind could damage them otherwise. Bed linen cannot be used outside. Barbecues and external grills should be used with care as they could spark fires during the summer months (the authorities may prohibit their use). They should not be used on pavements in order to avoid stains: in this latter case the owner is authorized to demand that the guests reimburse the costs of cleaning the stained surfaces. In many cases in Italy accommodation is not connected up to a public sewage system but to a small private purification unit or septic tank. Therefore, nothing other than normal toilet paper must be flushed down the toilets. Once the keys to the accommodation are in the custody of the holidaymakers, they will be responsible for them. Should the keys be lost and/or damaged, the owner may demand that the guests pay the costs of changing the locks and/or replacing the missing or damaged items (alarm keys, gate keys or whatever).

20. VALUABLES – During guests’ absence valuables should not be left in the accommodation and all doors and windows should be closed: even though the area is peaceful, incidents of petty crime may occur. Danitalia and the owner cannot be held liable under any circumstances for the theft, loss or misplacement of unguarded items on the property.

21. SWIMMING POOLS – Swimming pools are not open all year round. Please check the dates in the description before booking. In any case, the owner has the right to determine a daily opening time for the swimming pool, in order to have time for maintenance and for the pumps to function correctly. Swimming pools are not heated unless stated in the description. The pools are not supervised or protected by barriers, which means that holidaymakers must oversee children themselves. It is forbidden to bring glasses/plates or to eat meals in the swimming pool or to leave inflatable toys or air mattresses  in the pool after use. Guests use swimming pools at their own risk. By accepting this contract the guests expressly exempt Danitalia, the Agent and the owner of the property from all liability in the event of an accident.

22. TOURIST TAX – As a result of reforms in Italy, some municipalities have decided to introduce a small tourist tax that visitors must pay at overnight stays. The amount varies from municipality to municipality and depends on the type of accommodation, but it must in any case be paid by the tenant, directly on the spot. It is the owner / reception’s responsibility to transfer the amount to the municipality.

23. PRIVACY – We wish to inform the tenant that by filling in the forms, the personal data provided will be incorporated and stored in Danitalia’s archives for the purpose of completing the reservation, complying with legal obligations and being able to offer and provide services.
We also inform about the possibility to exercise the right to access, correct, cancel or delete the tenant’s personal data at any time, as Danitalia is responsible for the file. For more details, we refer to the Danitalia privacy policy at www.danitalia.com.

24. JURISDICTION AND VENUE – This contract is governed by Danish law and the Courts of Aarhus (DK) shall have exclusive jurisdiction concerning any disputes regarding the performance hereof.