It was almost written in the cards that I after graduation would live in my Italy.
During a wedding in Lucca, my godfather proudly introduced me to who he called “my future husband”.
He was right and it was the beginning of my adult life in Italy with my husband and my three children.

I got the idea for Danitalia in 1996. Family and friends who want to spend their holiday in this magnificent area, had begun to contact me for advice.
I used my local contacts, visited the small local wineries and Italian friends’ homes.
I made a website but put no pictures of homes into it. Instead, I encouraged everyone to contact me.
My wish was to provide advice, so my guests got exactly the accommodation that suited their needs and expectations for the holiday.
The personal service was in focus and I was delighted to be able to share my great local knowledge.
I wanted to show others that beautiful Italy, which had been such an important part of my childhood.

This very simple down to earth philosophy still holds true in Danitalia.
All homes are personally selected and thoroughly checked by myself.
I emphasize quality and good old fashioned service. Not least, I want you to experience the best of Italy.

I will look forward helping you with your holiday in Italy.
Many greetings
Elisabeth Hjorth