The Italians have a long tradition of being gourmets. They run like many miles to get to a particular restaurant that can provide the unique taste experience. Often the decision on where to go is “what do we want to eat?” and then you choose which restaurant prepares this speciality best.

A pizza is not just a pizza. It can turn into a loud argument, about where they make the thinnest, crispest, light, delicious pizza base.

The local products you just must taste during your holiday are :

  • the real italian espresso coffee
  • the cold pressed olive oil which is the most important ingredient in all Tuscan dishes
  • the many pasta dishes with delicious sauces
  • our DOC registrated red and white wine
  • the bread which is eaten fresh with every meal and when it gets dry we add it to many dishes as the “Panzanella” bread salat made with onions and tomatoes, “Pancotto” which is a bread suop etc.

Especially in the Lucca and Garfagnana area you will taste “Farro” – a wheat variety grown in the mountains and used in salads, bread and soup.
For dessert you will for sure be served the “Buccellato” cake which is like a sweet bread spiced with anice and raisins.