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Elisabeth Hjorth

Owner of danitalia. Danish born but I have spentElisabeth in danitalias office in Denmark much of my life in Italy. First with my Italian godparents and later as an adult, with my Italian husband and three children. With my team from Danitalia, I have for more than 20 years helped people choosing their holiday home in the most beautiful regions of Italy. I just love Italy, the atmosphere, the Italians' mentality, the climate, the food. I never stops to be amazed about the country's beauty.

I visit all the holiday homes personally and I know the homeowners - with their charm and quirks.

"Our mission is to provide our guests an authentic experience in the right area and in exactly the holiday home that suits their needs.
It is a big responsibility to match the best accommodation to people's needs and expectations but the positive feedback from people who come back year after year testifies our succees in this"

Languages: Danish, Norwegian, Italian, English, German.

Pier Luigi Pagliai

Owner of danitalia. Along with Elisabeth, I pick outPierluigi in danitalias office in Denmark the homes that are so unique and special that we would recommend them to our guests.
I negotiate the best rental conditions which are formalized in contracts with the homeowners. No holiday homes are disseminated through danitalia without a formal lease contract with the owners. This is a guarantee for you as tenants.
I have also grown into a passionate photographer; many photos must be shot to present the vacation homes online.

Languages​​: Italian, English.

Marie Bohman

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden but have lived in LuccaMarie in danitalias office in Lucca Tuscany my entire adult life. I am the mother of Matteo and Isabella. I'm really convinced to stay in a gem and I have never regretted having chosen to settle in this beautiful region. I've been in danitalia almost from the start. Now I am responsible for the Swedish market but I also contribute with additional critical Scandinavian eyes in the selection of the homes. I am also the one who makes sure that your arrival at the villa is perfectly planned with the owners. Do you need a baby bed, a taxi from the airport or is your plane arriving late, then it's me who will take care of it.
I am present in the office in Lucca during your holiday if you need help or just want a little extra advice.

Languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, English, French.

Alice Paoli

I am Italian, born and raised in Lucca, Tuscany andAlice in danitalias office in Lucca Tuscany mother of Emma and Pietro. I organize all the extra experiences you are being offered when booking your holiday home through danitalia. Contact me if you want a chef for the accommodation renting, if you would like to experience a vineyard or olive grove, go on guided tours or if you just need insider information.
Moreover, it is me who update the online calendar where you can see what happens during your holiday. I'm ready to help you at the office in Lucca.

Language: Italian, English.

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