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Would you like to stay in central Tuscany during your holidays?
Then you should check out Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci!
Wikipedia describes him as a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, inventor, botanist, anatomist and author and he’s considered one of the Renaissance’s leading figures. Lesser known is the fact that he was also a talented musician, singer and lyricist, truly making him a man of many talents!

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Vinci holidays in a rental home
Fewer tourists in Vinci than other areas

One great thing about Vinci is that despite its beauty, the area isn’t as well-known as some of Tuscany’s more popular spots - not yet anyway!
Personally, something I’m a big fan of in this area is the unspoiled landscape with small fortresses and villages where time seems to have stood still. It’s actually become a bit of a tradition for my family and I to spend three to four days here on holiday each year - we always say, “no summer would be complete without Vinci!”
This means I can kill two birds with one stone, inspecting Danitalia’s holiday homes in the area whilst also relaxing by the pool and enjoying the stunning Tuscan views.

Vinci – Leonardo’s birthplace 

When you’re in Vinci, you can really notice Leonardo’s impact. In the main square, there’s a few sculptures of his well-known inventions along with lots of interesting finds in the town’s two souvenir shops. I think it’s a great introduction for children to some of his discoveries, helping spark their own imaginations. There’s also a small museum here, but the lack of focus the local council put into promoting Leonardo da Vinci always surprises me. The year 2019 was particularly special because it was 500 years since he passed away - his spirit clearly lives on!

Restaurants in Vinci

There are some restaurants that I come to each year, one of which is the rather ugly and unassuming La Torretta in Vinci. It’s got such a 1950’s feel and most of the waiting staff can’t speak English. Keep an open mind here, it is pretty ugly and you can’t sit outside, but you can enjoy an authentic, old-fashioned Italian meal with proper portions and a fair bill at the end. With three sporty teenagers, this type of dining is something I’ve come to appreciate!
One of their main courses consists of a grill on the table, allowing you to decide how well the meat is cooked. However, the Italian owners don’t really recommend this one as they consider it embarrassingly old-fashioned. For me though, that authentic experience is what it’s all about!

Each year, we also visit Adriano restaurant in Vinci’s neighbouring town, Cerreto Guidi, and you can also stop en-route to visit Castello dei Conti Guidi. Adriano is a slightly more visually appealing restaurant with an inviting outdoor terrace and the food is fantastic (make sure to reserve a table as it fills up fast)! It may not have quite the same atmosphere as La Torretta but it’s another great spot.Reserve a table because seating is limited.

What to do while on holiday in Vinci

When we aren’t eating or relaxing by the pool, we really enjoy going out for a walk.
The Vinci area is very centrally located in Tuscany and I really like visiting Pistoia in the evening. There’s a very beautiful old town with two squares that are teeming with life and the town is filled with restaurants. You can read more about Pistoia and get inspired for an action-packed day of culture, atmosphere and tasty Italian dishes in this article.

If we’re in the mood for shopping we usually drive to Montecatini Terme, a town best known as the departure point for cheap bus tours of Tuscany, but a while ago it was considered fashionable and still has a range of good shops.

Otherwise, we head to Florence on the train from Empoli as it’s much easier than trying to find parking and navigating the busy city centre traffic. The train takes you right to the centre of Florence and you can check the train times on

There’s also a large shopping centre in Empoli, which is nice and close to Vinci itself if you buckle up and take the wine route.

Grotta Giusti Thermal Bath close to Vinci

Another thing I enjoyed doing together with my daughter on one of our trips here was visiting Grotta Giusti, which is a thermal bath not far from Vinci. You can choose to either bathe in the large pool warmed by the thermal springs or go all the way down to the grotto. We opted for the latter, which was a spooky experience! You need to bring your own swimming costume, but you’re provided with a robe and towels upon arrival at the grotto. During your time down there, you’ll be able to relax on deck chairs too. The humidity is said to be excellent if you suffer from breathing difficulties. It felt otherworldly down there and we even spotted a small (non-dangerous) green snake which slithered past us. And of course, a mother and daughter spa day wouldn’t be complete without a massage and that’s how we finished our trip, we felt very well taken care of!

Are you tempted by the sound of a holiday in this beautiful area Vinci?

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