Personally selected Villas in Tuscany with private pool.

We have a large selection of luxury holiday villas in Tuscany to rent.

villas in tuscany with privat pool

If you’d like to rent luxury family villas in Tuscany featuring a private pool, WiFI, furnished terrace and wonderfull views, read on.

Elisabeth who owns Danitalia is Danish but she has lived in Tuscany for 20 years. She knows the area and she personally selects every villa.
This is your guarentee for a quality villa with private pool.

Villas in Tuscany

"Quality holiday Villas in Tuscany" is actually a better word than Luxury holiday Villas in Tuscany because luxury sounds expensive. If you put in your holiday dates in the calendar, you will find the prices and note, that luxury villa does not necessary mean high prices.

You can see all our villas in Tuscany with private pool below - but put in your holiday dates so you do not fall in love with a villa that is not avaliable.
For more information about Tuscany, check out this page as well.

Whether you call it villas in Tuscany with private pool or rental properties, here at Danitalia, we’ve got you covered.

In all our villas you have a private swimming pool and your own furnished terrace for alfresco dining which gives you complete privacy away from other holiday makers.

Renting a villa in Tuscany during Coronavirus

Particularly in the time of coronavirus, it can be worth making your holiday extra special by renting a villa with private pool where you don’t need to share facilities with others. Having a private pool and garden, as well as being the only ones using any of the amenities, greatly lowers your risk of picking up the virus. The majority of the villas listed below are completely detached but in few cases the owner lives in an apartment on the property. It will say so in the description. You shouldn’t be concerned by this though as they know to keep their distance and use a face mask so you can enjoy your private outdoor areas and private pool around your villa.
Check out our Covid-19 cancellation policy. We provide 100% refund guarantee.

The advantages of renting Villas in Tuscany with private pool

  • Would you prefer not to share your swimming pool with others, either so your children can play with less supervision or just because you don’t want other families’ noisy children disturbing you?
    Then rent a villa in Tuscany with private pool.

  • Maybe you cherish the privacy of your own terrace and want to be able to talk until late at night without having to consider other guests?

  • In times of COVID, maybe you’d feel most safe in your own holiday home with no shared facilities?

  • Also keep in mind that private villas with their own pools often have larger living rooms and are suitable for people who want to spend more time making the most of the house itself during a trip to Italy. Large holiday homes with their own private pool are also suitable if you’re travelling together with several families and need more bedrooms.

Luxury villas in Tuscany with private swimming pools

I’ve visited a number of Tuscan villas with private pools and we make sure that we select only the best places based on my one simple criteria: “would I let my best friend stay here", which is exactly the same as back in 1998 when I began helping friends and family find their Tuscan home for a holiday. 
- Read the full story of Danitalia here.

With us, you’ll find the best villas with private pool on the market!

My mission is to select the best villas on the Tuscan market for my guests. I do this by personally visiting and choosing the villas in Tuscany with private swimming pools I want to reflect Danitalia’s brand. It’s not enough to just own a Tuscan villa with a pool to make it onto our site; we select the cream of the crop and the villas below are the result of our rigorous selection process.

Choose for yourself from the updated calendar.
I can personally vouch for the quality of all our villas.
If you want help selecting the right villa that suits your needs, contact us here.

Benefit from our local Tuscan knowledge.
Experience more and dive into the Italian lifestyle.

  • If you rent a villa with a private pool, we can arrange for a visit from a chef so you can enjoy an exquisite Italian dinner on your own terrace. It’s one of our most popular holiday experiences and you don’t need to leave the comfort of your property or worry about the children’s bedtime.

  • Take part in a wine tasting. All our villas are close to vineyards and olive groves.

  • You could also drive off for a day at the beach - as long as you’re able to tear yourselves away from the villas private pool!

Rent a wonderful villa with private pool, provided with all amenities

Rent a private villa, provided with all amenities, private swimming pool included! You may take a refreshing bath or relax and read a book by the pool. Enjoy a good glass of local Tuscan wine, keeping an eye on your kids while bathing and playing in the private pool. This is what you can expect on a holiday in a villa in Tuscany with private pool.
Our villas in Tuscany with private pool are all furnished and decorated with attention to the smallest detail to ensure you a wonderful holiday. If you plan to come with children, read my tips to holiday in the Lucca area with children.

What about planning a whole day just to the discover of the villa surroundings, simply staying there and enjoy all services offered? The private pool, the clean bathrooms, lovely kitchens and anything else the villa proposes its guests! Creating memories is part af the holiday - it will make it last longer.

Holidays in Tuscany - There are so many things to do

Tuscany is a surprising region to discover. There are so many interesting attractions to visit and it does`t matter whether you come for the first time - or every year. You might be touring as many places as you can all day long, to see the many beauties of the region, but what a pleasure going back to your villa with private pool.

Staying on your own in a private villa in Tuscany is not boring at all. You can take in the views, planning a whole day just to the discover of the villa surroundings, simply staying there. Have a barbecue on your own terrace, relax by the pool. Go for walks in the Tuscan nature, explore the wonderful cities in Tuscany, or let us arrange additional activities for you to make sure your Tuscan holiday is both relaxed yet filled with memorable experiences.

Hand-picked villas with pool in Tuscany

The villas with private pools you see on this page are all centrally located so you are never far from international airports or the better-known cities in Tuscany. Part of the consideration process for me is also whether there are nice restaurants and cafes within a reasonable distance because I think gastronomic experiences are an important part of a holiday in Tuscany. Could you really picture a trip to Tuscany without pizza, espresso, wine, gelato or tasty homemade pasta dishes? I don’t think so!

Villas in Tuscany with private pool to rent

We have visited many villas all over Tuscany, in order to select only the best once for you.
Would you like help with choosing your holiday home or villa with private pool in Tuscany, Italy? Then drop an email with your wishes and expectations for your holidays in Tuscany, and we will guide you to the best villa with private pool. 

Contact me by writing a message here or call on +45 7877 2103 with your villa requirements and I can guide you.

When you contact us, you’ll be speaking with me - Elisabeth. I’ve lived in Lucca for 20 years and I know all our villas well.
We are a Danish company with offices in Aarhus, but Tuscany, is my home.
Take advantage of my knowledge about Tuscany and our villas in Tuscany with private pool and you’ll be assured of the Tuscan poolside holiday of your dreams.

You can also browse the villas for yourself here.

The calendar is updated to show availability.


Villas with private pool


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