Vacation rentals in Tuscany for wheelchair users and disabled.

panoramic view over tuscan countryside

Wheelchair users and disabled on holiday in Tuscany.

Being a wheelchair user is no barrier to hiring a splendid vacation apartment in the middle of the Tuscan vineyards. We have personally controlled the access conditions in a range of attractive farm apartments in Tuscany.

In these holiday apartments neither a wheelchair nor walking difficulties are a barrier to enjoying the holidays in Italy.

Ground floor apartment Tuscany Italy

If you just need an accommodation on the ground floor, without stairs and not an actual disability friendly holiday home, we have other options.

Contact us so we can advise you. We have seen all the holiday homes in person. We know the distance to the car park, access to the swimming pool and we can make special requests to the owners.

See below our wheelchair friendly holiday homes in Italy, all with homologated bathrooms.

If you need help please send us a message here - we will be happy to assist you. We know the holiday homes personally and we can give you the exact specifications of access.


Wheelchair friendly accomodation Italy


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