Blues in Tuscany

Experience live concerts on one of the summer's most popular blues events.
The Pistoia Blues Festival in Tuscany, Italy is one of the most popular blues events for blues fans worldwide.

Pistoia Blues Festival in Tuscany

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If you do not belong to the blues category, you should still consider if the festival is worth a visit. If you are on vacation in Tuscany during that time, take a look at the playlist, it's almost certain that there's a name or two that you recognize.

If you are passionate musician or just love music, this is one of the festivals that you should experience. The Pistoia Blues festival has hosted blues legends from all over the world every year, and in 1980 it was the great B.B. King, who opened the festival.

The Blues festival in Pistoia

The festival in Pistoia is a truly unique experience. The whole city has been transformed into a big stage, which in itself is a great experience. Here are both famous artists and new names that get the opportunity to play for a large audience. And who knows, maybe they will be one of the main names in the future.

A simple good advice - bring a pair of comfortable shoes so that you can go, stand and dance all night long.

See the program and buy your tickets to Pistoia Bluesfestival here

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