Holiday lettings Lucca

Rentals of holiday homes with pool in the Lucca area.

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Holiday lettings Lucca.

Below you will see the wide selection of the holiday homes that we propose for rent in the Lucca area.

Search on the left with the exact days you would like to rent your holiday home in Lucca.

Or send us a message here or phone 0045 78772103 - we know all the properties personally. Elisabeth, who owns Danitalia, has lived in Lucca, Tuscany for 20 years. We are a Danish agency with mores than 20 years of experience and with offices in Denmark.

Holiday homes with pool in Lucca, Tuscany

Due to our local knowledge, we can also give you tips to the best restaurants in Lucca and we inform you about which attractions you can not miss. We can also arrange for guided tours in the city, visits to wine estates and much more. We are there for you both before and during your holidays in Lucca.

Why choose Lucca? There are many reasons:

A villa holiday in Lucca puts you right in the heart of Tuscany.

In your holiday home you will be surrounded by countryside full of contrasts and variety.

It is fascinating how rapidly the landscape around Lucca changes, from flat valleys to fertile, rolling vineyards and mountainous olive groves.

The mountain range surrounding Lucca makes for a climate that changes markedly as you go from north to south, so it’s important to consider carefully which side of Lucca you choose as your base. Outside the summer season, especially, you will find big variations in the climate.
Contact us for advice to make sure your Lucca holiday home is just right for you.

A holiday in Lucca puts you right in the heart of Tuscany.

Use our local knowledge to help you plan your holiday in Lucca.

When you choose Lucca as your holiday base, it’s just a short drive to the famous cities of Pisa, Florence, San Gimignano, Siena and Volterra. It’s simple to alternate days at the poolside with a trip to the beach (just 20 kilometres from Lucca town), a golf experience, or a drive to the Garfagnana Mountains in the north, where you can explore the nature parks or see the stalactites of the Grotta del Vento cave. Not far from Lucca is Pontedera, home of Italy’s iconic Vespa scooter. The museum is great fun and well worth a visit. 

Holidays in Lucca: How to get there

Whichever side of Lucca you choose for your stay, you’ll find something for everyone within easy reach.

Many holidaymakers choose to drive to Lucca in their own car. Self-drive is highly recommend, particularly if you want to take wine, olive oil or other local specialities back with you. However, Lucca’s central location between Pisa and Florence airports means that it’s easy to fly there, too, especially between Easter and the Autumn half-term holidays.

If you chose to rent a property in the countryside around Lucca, we recommend a car for getting about. If you’re travelling without a car, we recommend an apartment in the centre of Lucca.

All our holiday homes with pool are within easy reach of Lucca town centre.

Lucca itself has an elegant centre hidden behind a still-intact city wall. A stroll around the narrow streets, or a bike ride along the top of the wall, is an experience in itself.

Lucca is a big city in a small package. It’s not too frantic, it has lots of atmosphere, and there’s a great choice of entertainment. Opera and classical concerts are put on all year round, while in summer the main square, the Piazza Napoleone, hosts a music festival that attracts international stars from the pop world.

All our holiday properties are within easy reach of Lucca town centre.

Lucca offers a great choice of shops to satisfy the most shopaholic teenager. It has plenty of bars, the best ice-cream stalls and exciting restaurants to suit all pockets.

Lucca is a child-friendly town, and the still-standing city wall means that many streets are pedestrianised.

Read more about the sights of Lucca here.
Avoid getting a fine during your holiday by reading about Restricted Traffic Zones here.

Usefull to know when renting a holiday home in Lucca

Most apartments in Lucca city have free arrival day all year round, and can be rented as an alternative to B&Bs and hotels in Lucca.

Most of the country apartments and holiday homes in general in Lucca can off-season be rented with free arrival day. In high season - meaning June through September - these usually have fixed arrival on Saturday.

We only propose you holiday homes in Lucca, that we have visited ourself; therefore please ask if you have any questions.

Please contact us by mail or phone 0045 78772103


Holiday lettings in Lucca


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