Holiday apartment Rentals in Lucca.

Our apartments in Lucca have free arrival day and can therefore be rented 4 or 10 days as an alternative to B&Bs and hotels in Lucca.
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Lucca Apartments for rent

Danitalia has worked with holiday rentals in Lucca for more than 20 years.
We can therefor select only the very best apartments in Lucca for rent.
See all our Lucca apartments for rent here.

Lucca Tuscany - apartments for your holidays in and around Lucca

We know all the holiday apartments in person, and Elisabeth, who owns Danitalia, has lived in Lucca, Tuscany for 20 years. In this way we can also give you tips to restaurants in Lucca, attractions and what to see. We can also arrange for guided tours in the city, visits to wine estates and much more.

There are many reasons that the Lucca province is so fascinating.

This is why you should consider visiting Lucca

  • Lucca is centrally located in Northern Tuscany with all the famous tourist cities, all within short driving distance.
  • The contrasting and varied landscape from sea and beaches to the Garfagnana Mountains and plenty of lush vine-clad hills and olive groves.
  • The range of delicious local food grown in the area such a fragrant extra virgin olive oil, DOC red and white wine, spelt flour from the ancient wheat sort grown in the Garfagnana mountains and fruits such as peaches, apricots and figs from the Moranese area north of Lucca.

The interesting Events and festivals in the Lucca area:

  • Carnival in Viareggio in February,
  • Camellia flower show in March,
  • Santa Zita flower show in April,
  • Summer music festival in July,
  • Barga jazz festival in July,
  • Puccini opera festival end July / begin August
  • Santa Croce, a celebration of the city’s guardian angel in September plus many more.

Rent your apartment behind the Lucca Walls

Lucca is one of the only cities in Italy where the city walls, dating back to the 16th century, are still intact. The impressive walls, with interior walk ways, were built to protect the rich lucchese people from the surrounding cities, especially Pisa and Florence. The wall has since become a public park with beautiful trees, picnic areas, playgrounds and the ability to go all around the city.

First time in Lucca - what to do and what to see

If it is your first time in our beautiful city, we recommend you to rent some bicycles  citywall of luccaand do the bike ride on top the ancient city wall 4,3 km around the city centre. It is a great opportunity to get an overview of Lucca before you start exploring the centre. From the city wall is a magnificent view over the labyrinth of narrow medieval streets, towers, monuments, churches and houses with flower-decked balconies. To the other side of the wall are now green areas where the moat used to be and a fantastic view over the new part of Lucca and the mountains in the background.
Here on top of the walls is where we enjoy life; your will find playing children, runners, card playing friends and ice cream eating lovers, especially at Sundays where it might be a bit difficult to find a free bench.

Do you have special requirements for your holiday apartment in Lucca, Tuscany?

Then please contact us and we will help you choose the right place.

We have many local contacts and know Lucca very well.

Contact us on phone 0045 78772103 or mail for personal assistance.

Or search yourself with the dates you would like to rent your apartment in Lucca.


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