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Agriturismo in Tuscany. Winery holidays on a Tuscan vineyard.

Why not spend your holidays on a small agriturismo in Tuscany?

When you book your holidays through Danitalia you are ensured the experience of a small agriturismo with only a few apartments.
The agriturismo is surrounded by their own vineyards and olive groves. Enjoy the peace and experience the real unspoiled Italian country culture. All our agriturismo in Tuscany have a swimming pool and good furnished outdoor areas.

Try a holiday on an agriturismo - this is where you get the authentic Tuscany!

See all our selected agriturismo

Vineyard holidays in Tuscany - discover an agriturismo.

Experience life on a vineyard.
If you spend your holiday on a vineyard, you’ll be able to learn first-hand how olive oil, wine, honey and marmalade are produced. Many of the vineyards are attached to a restaurant serving meals using their own ingredients and other local specialities.

Vineyard holiday in Italy - holiday apartments with agrotourism

All the vineyards we’ve chosen to work with have an easily accessible swimming pool, and most of the time, you’ll likely find that you’re out on the terrace enjoying the fresh air. You’ll also be able to choose between relaxing in the shared outdoor spaces to meet other families or your own private outdoor areas. The vast majority of the apartments we offer at vineyards have their own private terraces equipped for al fresco dining on a lovely warm evening. The views are fantastic, with the fields of grapes, mountains, rolling hills and small villages in the distance. You can enjoy all of this in peace, with a glass of wine in hand on your terrace.

We highly recommend a holiday at a Tuscan vineyard so you can truly experience an authentic slice of Tuscany.

Holiday apartments on a Tuscan vineyard.

I personally select the agrotourism spots we work with in Tuscany, which are listed further down, and I choose them based on the answer to one simple question: “Would I let my best friend stay here?”. That’s the way I’ve worked and chosen holiday properties since 1998, when I began helping friends and family to organise holidays on Italian vineyards. You can read Danitalia's full story here.

On this type of holiday, you’ll be able to taste real, home-grown Italian red and white wine. All of the vineyards on our website are able to arrange a wine tasting for you, so you’ll be able to sample a wide range of wine grown right where you’re spending your holiday. All the owners are very proud of their wine and love to show it off to guests.
But remember, it’s not a good idea to criticise their wine, even if you’re not a fan, this would be considered very impolite. But if you do enjoy their wine, you’ll have the opportunity to buy some and most often these vineyards produce both red and white wine, sometimes alongside Vin Santo or Prosecco.
A holiday to an Italian vineyard will truly awaken your senses. You’ll be able to taste and smell quality olive oil on rustic slices of farmer’s bread, experience Italian hospitality and just generally enjoy the unique surroundings of a vineyard in Tuscany.

Where are our Tuscan vineyards located?
Our agriturismo are all centrally located near the more famous cities like:

  • Lucca 

  • Siena

  • Pisa

  • San Gimignano

  • Volterra

This means that it’s easy to combine time relaxing by the pool in the beautiful vineyard setting with a short journey to tourist attractions, restaurants and shops.

Book a vineyard holiday in Tuscany with Danitalia

When you book a vineyard holiday through Danitalia, you’ll be able to choose from a small number of apartments on small-scale vineyards, as opposed to large wineries with lots of apartments. We do this to keep your experience authentic and intimate.
Our vineyards are surrounded by their own fields of vines and olive groves, so you’ll be able to see the farming process in action and feel like part of daily life on an Italian farm. Keep in mind though that the grape harvest takes place in September and the rest of the year, there’s not too much going on. But don’t worry, there’ll always be some wine in the cellar waiting for you to taste!
All our vineyards in Tuscany and Umbria have a swimming pool and the high-quality apartments are fully furnished for an authentic Italian experience.

Vineyards in Tuscany with their own restaurant

At many of the vineyards we work with, it is possible to dine on-site. At some smaller family-owned wineries, the owners themselves will make the food, but at others, there is an internal restaurant. In some of the larger ones, the restaurant is open every day, but generally with smaller wineries the owner might decide on a couple of days to serve meals each week.
Below you can see the list of all our hand-picked vineyards in the Italian regions of Tuscany.

I have personally visited all the vineyards listed on our site, and as such know the owners personally. That means I’m able to help choose what’s right for your holiday.

You can also search the website to find your perfect vineyard holiday, and the calendar is updated automatically to show availability.

Below you can see the list of our handpicked agriturismo apartments in Tuscany.

We have personally seen all the places and we know the owners.
Please feel free to contact us by email or telephone 004578772103, to hear more about this exciting way to spend your holidays in Tuscany.

Look forward to a perfect stay at a vineyard where you can taste wine from grapes grown just round the corner!


Agriturismo Tuscany


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