When on holiday in Pisa do not only go to the leaning tower and Miracoli square.
Explore the antique centre of the city.
Plan your holiday with our list of attractions to see while in Pisa.

piazza dei miracoli in Pisa

Guide to Pisa

First of all, you that are staying in a holiday house in or near Lucca. It is much easier to leave the car and use the public transportation. After you have arrived at the train station in Pisa, you will pass the interesting sights on the walk to Piazza dei Miracoli. If you choose to go by bus to Pisa, it will stop right at The Leaning Tower.

Pisa Leaning Tower and Piazza dei Miracoli.
Attractions in Pisa.

battistero in pisa ItalyPisa is in the entire world known for The Leaning Tower and Piazza dei Miracoli, which is a unique experience we do recommend now that you are in the area.
Please be aware that there will be many people during the high season.
The queue to climb the tower might be very long.

It is advisable to book in advance on www.opapisa.it.
Children under the age of 8 years old are not allowed in the tower.
Opening hours: every day from 8:30 until 23:00.

Attractions in Pisa.
What to see during your holidays in Pisa

  • Piazza dei Cavalieri
    where the Pallazzo dell’Orologio with the famous Torre della Fame is. Here died Conte Ugolino della Gherardesca, who is one of the more famous personas in Dantes “Divina Commedia”.
    The square is today a hub for cultural attractions and here you will also find Pallazzo della Caravana, which is the headquarter of the elite university, Scuola Normale di Pisa.

  • Borgo Stretto
    This is where you will find some very interesting and historical shops hidden under vaults. Do stop at “Salza” for the best cappuccino in Pisa.

  • Il mercatino di Piazza delle Vettovaglie
    The market place that can be dated back to 1500s has stalls selling everything from junk to antique finds. The square is surrounded by gastronomically shops; butchery, fishmonger, bakery and wine shop as well some lovely osterias where you can enjoy a delicious lunch.

  • Il Palazzo della Sapienza (14 Century)
    This is the headquarter for the University in Pisa. A beautiful building where you should visit the library with precious antique writings and the impressive magna aula.

  • La chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina (from ca. 1230)
    This little church situated close to the Arno River has its name because inside a thorn from the crown of Christ is kept. In order to save it from the Arno River, in year 1800 is was completely picked apart and rebuilt some meters away.

  • Giardino Scotto
    This is a public garden that holds the remains of a fortress dating back to the Middle Ages.

  • Viale delle Piagge.
    The park located at the Arno River is unfortunately not always well maintained, but use it to relax and enjoy your packed lunch. Here is beautiful during the autumn as the leaves are changing the colours.

  • Corso Italia
    This is pedestrian zone in the centre of Pisa with chain stores selling clothes, shoes, bags etc.

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